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Exploring brings business and community leaders together to help young people reach their full potential.  Exploring offers teens and young adults unique, hands-on experiences in an environment that develops leadership, character, and confidence through many immersive and empowering moments. Learn more at www.exploring.org. To join, contact Susan.Vinh@Scouting.org.

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Network with electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and computer scientists who currently work in these fields.  Speaker nights, design nights, hands-on projects, tours and field trips.

Health Care

Take vital signs, evaluate an X-ray for broken bones, suture, guest speakers, tours, physician and nurse shadowing, CPR & First-Aid certification, UC Davis symposium field trips and volunteer in the medical field.

Fire & EMS

Experience firsthand what it’s like to be a volunteer or full-time Fire Fighter through training, ride along during actual fire calls, competition and Fire Academy.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Explorer Academy, classroom training, ride along in police vehicles, state-wide competitions and community service hours.

Santa Clara County Programs

Arts & Humanities

Engineering & Technology

Fire & EMS

Health Care

Law & Government

Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement

San Benito County Programs

Fire & EMS

Law Enforcement


Monterey County Programs

Health Care

Fire & EMS

Law Enforcement

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Exploring Executive

Susan Vinh

Professional (Career) Scouter who gives full-time leadership and guidance through a team of volunteers to build community partnerships to support program delivery, membership growth and financial support for Scouting units in the defined district geography.

Exploring District Chair

San Jose Fire Chief Robert Sapien Jr.

Leads the Exploring District Committee in promoting and growing the programs in the community by supporting the sub-committee functions. Works closely with the Council Exploring Chair (volunteer) and Exploring Executive (professional).

Exploring Service Team Chair

George Denise

Coordinates the service efforts of the service team to all of the Exploring units in the service area. Works closely with the Exploring District Chair (volunteer) and Exploring District Executive (professional).

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Contact Susan Vinh at 408.638.8373 or Susan.Vinh@scouting.org

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