Popcorn Kickoff!

Are you a new Unit Kernel?  Do you need extra help?  We are doing special trainings for new kernels on June 8, 2022 in Salinas and June 11, 2022 in San Jose. 


Commit now and get started on earning extra commission. Go to the Trails End website and register your unit!

Stay tuned for more information!!

Scouts can participate in a variety of ways

Online Sales The single, safest way for a Scout to sell popcorn in 2021 is through the Online Direct Sale method. This method eliminates any face-to-face contact with the general public, as well as the risk of handling product or cash.

The Online Direct sale is also the safest and easiest method for units, in that there is no handling of product, since popcorn is shipped directly to consumers, and payment for popcorn is received by credit or debit card at the time of the order. 

Show & Sell your den, pack or troop gets permission to sell in front of a retail store or in the local mall.  You set up a display with products for people to purchase as they walk by.

Take Order the most traditional way to sell popcorn; going door-to-door with the take order form, which you receive from your leader or council.

Show & Deliver you carry Trail’s End popcorn with you to show to your customers as you visit them.  The customer is able to select the products he or she wishes to buy from your product selection.

Corporate This is for savvy Scouts!  Selling to businesses is a great market to have big sells.  Whether the owner buys popcorn as gifts for their employees, or they allow the popcorn to be sold at the lobby or break room.

If you need more details then just the three steps above, here is a PowerPoint that will help you see how easy it is to get $100 extra per Scout for just sending out 10 emails.  It can really add up if 100% of your Scouts participate!

  • Tutorial on creation of Online sales – HERE



Order and Sales

June 8 New Kernel Training- Salinas Office 6:00 pm
June 11New Kernel Training- San Jose Office, 10:00 am
June 30Online Commitment Deadline
July 18-22Popcorn Kickoff/Fall Program Kickoff
August  5Early Bird Orders Due Online
August 26Distribution
September 1Resupply #1
September 8Resupply #2
September 15Resupply #3
September 22Popcorn Resupply #4 and Amnesty Day
September 29Popcorn Resupply #5
October 6Popcorn Resupply #6
October 13Popcorn Resupply #7 and Popcorn Return
October 14Final Order (formerly known as Take Order)
October 20Payment due and Scout prizes can be submitted
October 31Online sales scorekeeping ends for prize calculation.
November 3Final order distribution to units
November 28Final Order Payment Due
December TBATop 100 Club Event

Pop Rocks- All the Popcorn News that's fit to Pop!

Great Resources

To help plan your pack or troop budget, please use our program planner for troops and annual budget for packs.  This calculator will show your sales goal and sales potential.

  •  Program planning worksheet/budget and Sales goal calculator – HERE 
  •  Ordering Guide for First Time Kernels – HERE

To help with your unit Kickoff, customize this PowerPoint to your units needs and don’t stress out about recreating everything.

  • Unit Kickoff PowerPoint – HERE

90% of all the council popcorn information you will need to know is in the Popcorn Unit Guidebook.

  • 2022  Popcorn Unit Guidebook – Coming June 1
  • 2022 Storefront Reservation Guide- HERE
  • 2022 Popcorn Kickoff Powerpoint – Not Ready Yet
  • 2022 Take Order Form – Not Ready Yet


Our Council’s website should be your first stop to find the most up to date information on this council’s popcorn sale. The website will list all pertinent dates, contact information, and links to helpful information.

The Trails End Website, trails-end.com, is the next best place to find information on best practices, making the app work right, trails end rewards details, and much more.

Over 200 webinars will be offered this summer and fall for units and Scout parents to learn about the sale. Over 50 webinars are already sold out and we anticipate leaders from over 10,000 units will participate.

Highly successful unit leaders ($50,000+ and multiple years as leaders) and Scout parents will lead these interactive webinars where every question will be answered. Units participating in webinars in 2019 grew 11.2%!

A $20 Amazon.com gift card will be given to the first 5,000 top-selling units (who sold $7,500+ in 2019) who register and participate in a Webinar.

Facebook support is being enhanced in 2020 through the help of 15 successful unit leaders and parents serving as moderators and influencers. Last year, over 18,000 unit leaders and Scout parents utilized the Scout Popcorn Facebook support, and a significant increase in participation is expected this year.

Here are the PowerPoint that will help you to make your orders and online resources be a happy experience!

  • How to place your Show and Sell order - HERE
  • How to place your Take Order - HERE

Please contact your District Kernel if you have any questions with the online tools and system.

For More Information

Please contact your district kernel, district executive or email popcorn@svmbc.org.

District Kernels, Nandita Sreenivasan- (408) 828-0690, kanamahere@gmail.com
District Executive, Sierra Boyanich- (408) 638-8334, sierra.boyanich@scouting.org

District Kernel, Erin Nathan- (408) 240-4832, enathan24@gmail.com
Executive Director, Evgenia Mirfild- (408) 638-8372, evgenia.mirfild@scouting.org

District Kernel, Muhammed Jakaku- (669) 237-5287 pioneerpopcorn1@gmail.com
Executive Director, Max Testa- (408) 638-8350, max.testa@scouting.org

District Kernel, Kevin Barlow- (408) 749-0482, keedba@yahoo.com
Storefront Scheduling, Beth Leonard- (408) 530-0554, beth@slimy.com
District Executive, Pearson Randall- (408) 638-8321, pearson.randall@scouting.org

District Kernel, Debbie Stocksick- (408)960-9165
Sr. District Executive, Ken Schott- (408) 638-8328, Ken.Schott@scouting.org

District Kernel, Kristy Burchard- (831) 801-1203, kristykb@charter.net
Field Director,  Steve Solberg- (408) 638-8357, steve.solberg@scouting.org

District Kernel, Darcy Fowler- (831) 915-8940, darcy.wilson@Scouting.org
District Director, Marcell Vargas- (408) 638-8334, marcell.vargas@scouting.org

Exploring Kernel, Sreelatha Bokkisam- (650) 576-1468, lathabokkisam@yahoo.com
Exploring Executive, Susan Vinh- (408) 638-8373, susan.vinh@scouting.org

Council General, Faroogh Quadri- (408) 622-8698, councilpopcorngeneral@gmail.com
Field Director,  Steve Solberg- (408) 638-8357, steve.solberg@scouting.org

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