Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia District

Santa Lucia District serves the communities of Salinas, Castroville, Monterey, King City, Carmel and Soledad.

Serving more then 518 youth members, by 233 Volunteer leaders. We are proud of the 34 youth who earned the Eagle Scout award last year.

If you live in any of the areas mentioned in Santa Lucia District and you would like to get information on joining any of our programs, or participating on the district team,  please reach out to any of our leadership team listed below.


Service Area

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Events and activites for 2022-2023

2022-2023 District Calendar



District Leadership

District Director

Marcell Vargas
Professional (Career) Scouter who gives full-time leadership and guidance through a team of volunteers to 

build community partnerships to support program delivery, membership growth and financial support
for Scouting units in the defined district geography. (Bilingual)

District Chair

Steve Cardinalli
Volunteer member of the District Key-3 who gives leadership to the District Committee, a team of volunteers responsible for finance, membership, and program delivery for Scouting units in the geographic designation of the district.

District Commissioner

Henry Leinen

Volunteer member of the District Key-3 who gives leadership to the Commissioner Staff, a team of volunteers responsible for supporting the health of the Cub Scout packs, Scouts BSA troops, and Venture Crews in the district.


Vice Chair

Josh Luna
Assist District Chairman and fill in for Chair for times when they are not available

Advancement Chair

Douglas Fouts
Stimulate advancement and recognition of Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers. Ensures that advancement and recognition are in accordance with national procedures.

Membership Chair

Chris Nault
Establishes a year-round plan for unit and membership growth. Recruits enough of the right kind of people for the district membership committee. Serves on the council membership committee.

Training Chiar

Bob Mills
Establishes district training objectives for trained leaders, not just running training courses. Recruits and orients enough of the right kinds of people to serve as instructors.

Day Camp Director

Darcy Fowler
Leads a team of volunteer to plan and produce a fabulous experience for Cub Scouts and parents during the summer.

Popcorn Kernel

Darcy Fowler

Assist units with Popcorn Sales for Cub and Scout BSA Troops.


Pinewood Derby

Ashleigh Cooke

Organizes a county-wide race of pinewood derby cars for all Scouts.


OA Advisor

Scott Fortner

Guide the youth and adult volunteers in the local chapter of Order of Arrow for the district.


Roundtable Commissioner

David Rigmaiden
Plans and leads a monthly meeting for Cub Scout Leaders and Scouts BSA Leaders.

District Resources

District Roundtable –  Join us at our monthly Roundtable meeting, the 2nd Thursday of every month. 150 Mar Vista Dr. Monterey

Give us an 40 min. and we will save you much more than that each month planning den meetings, pack meetings and more! Please view the Upcoming Events list at the top of the page for more information.

District Newsletter coming soon.

Special Committees coming soon.


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