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Update: 3/15/2022 12:00 pm

Recommendations for Outdoor Activities & Unit Meetings During California Reopening

As the state reopens from pandemic restrictions, it is important that Scouting units take the necessary precautions required by all government health authorities. It is important to note that as of March 11, 2022, some, but not all, previous requirements have been removed from youth programs and activities. All youth scout activities fall under California K-12 school guidance

As a council we are in alignment with local health department rules with no additional requirements for unit level activities beyond state, county, and city as applicable.

Please note that the guidance from local county and state health departments will continue to change and may vary from county to county.


Unit Meeting Guidebook

The Unit Restart Guidebook will direct your unit to the appropriate guidance and provide examples of ways units could meet the guidance. As each unit and situation is different, unit leaders will need to use their judgement to interpret the mitigation measures that are most appropriate for their unit. This outlines best practices and explains some of the state rules. Please refer to California K-12 school guidance for the most accurate information. 

The following are the key steps units should take to build their plan for meeting in-person:

  1. Review and determine applicable guidance.
  2. Create a written list of policies and procedures that align with CDPH guidance.
  3. Communicate plan with unit leadership and families.
  4. Reassess on an ongoing basis for gaps or necessary adjustments to your unit plan.

SVMBC Unit Meeting Guidebook – Out of date – Last updated 12.14.21


General Liability Insurance Information 

Many facilities, community businesses and organizations may require general liability certificates for various unit meetings and activities. The council will continue to provide the certificates of insurance upon request. Please contact Bel Gonzalez (bel.gonzalez@scouting.org) at the council office to request a certificate.  


Future Council and District Events

As we reopen to regular business operations, events will be regularly evaluated and conducted in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid, depending on feasibility and best interests of parties involved. Changes to current programs will be communicated to participants or identified on the council calendar event page.

Council Camp Properties & Summer Programs

Council properties and programs have resumed. Please visit the Council Calendar to review upcoming family and other camping programs.

Please note that council offered programs may be required to maintain stricter standards that unit meetings. Requirements for those programs can be found on the individual program pages and parent guides.


Latest Council Guidance Concerning COVID-19

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, in addition to other communications, will be updating this website with the additional recommendations as new information becomes available.

For questions or more information on this notice, please contact Jason Stein, Eric Tarbox, Dianne Betz, or Michael Wilson at (408) 638-8300.

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