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Update: 7/29/2020 8:00 am

Recommendations for Outdoor Activities & Unit Meetings During Covid-19

Before engaging in or planning any Scouting activity with your unit during this global pandemic, it is important that you take the necessary precautions required of you by all government health authorities. The following recommendations are based on these orders, but they are not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor are they meant to be your only guidelines.

Units should actively monitor local and state guidance and adhere to all suggested and required measures to prevent the spread. Units should follow the guidance of their local health department. If guidance is unavailable, please defer to the state guidance.

County and State Specific Information and Resources 

Below are links to various county and state requirements and resources. In addition to general guidelines and public health orders, units should look to Youth Activity, Social Circle, Day Camp, Campground and Recreational Activity industry guidance sections for recommendations for Scouting activities. Where not specifically listed under county guidelines, units should default to the state guidelines.

  • These resources must be reviewed in detail by unit leadership and implemented before any unit activities may begin.
  • Please note that all units must complete a required social distancing and design protocol before they may begin meeting.

Santa Clara County – *New Guidance as of July 13, 2020* 

July 13, 2020 – Health Order โ€“ New guidance regarding group gatherings and youth activities. 
Learn What To Do 
Required Social Distancing and Design Protocol and Signage โ€“ New required social distancing protocol for all businesses or activities.  

Santa Cruz County 

Health Services Reopening Guidance 
Required Social Distancing and Design Protocol 

San Benito County 

Coronavirus Information 
Required Social Distancing and Design Protocol 

Monterey County Health – *New Guidance as of June 18, 2020* 

Sector Specific Reopening Guidance 
Social Circle Guidance 
Required Social Distancing and Design Protocol 

State of California 

State Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk 

We understand that summer and summer camp are the highlights of the year for Scouting and regret that conditions do not allow for these programs to operate this year.

We are doing everything we can to help support you and your family on their Scouting journey during the shelter in place order and will continue to offer innovate and fun programs all summer long, such as the Get Out and Scout Challenge and the Inside Out โ€“ Day Camp at Home program.

In addition to continued virtual programs, we are working with local health departments to move towards opening our camping properties for Scouting activities.

For more info on these programs and others, please visit the Scout At Home page on our website.

Council Service Center and Staffing

Scout Shop and Service Center

We are excited to announce that we have moved towards more regular business operations, including operating the local Scout Shops and Council Service Centers in Salinas and San Jose. Here are a few important updates of note:

  • As we reopen, we ask that Scouts, Scouters, and visitors to please adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow the directives of the local and state health department.
  • Please note that staff on site may be limited in order to conform to social distancing requirements, but all staff are still available remotely as needed.

Council and District Event Status

The following is a list of upcoming council and district events and their status. Future events will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and may be postponed or canceled by their committee or council leadership if deemed to be in violation of health department recommendations and pose a high risk to participants.

Notifications will be sent to committees and participants if there is a change in status.

MonthEvent Start  DateEventLocationStatus
July7/1/20Hi Sierra – Second HalfCamp Hi-SierraCancelled
July7/6/20Camp Inside-OutOnlineOnline Event
July7/11/20Shaffer Day CampSanta CruzCancelled
July7/13/20Fall Program KickoffOnlineOnline Event
July7/13/20Lake Cunningham #2Lake CunninghamCancelled
July7/18/20Shootout #2ChesebroughCancelled
July7/18/20Work WeekendCHSCancelled
July7/19/20NYLT Session #2ChesebroughCancelled
July7/27/20Chesebrough Day CampChesebroughCancelled
July7/27/20Stevens Creek Day CampStevens CreekCancelled
August8/1/20Work WeekendCHSModified – Family Camping
August8/2/20International RendezvousCamp Hi-SierraCancelled
August8/14/20Outdoor Leader Skills ChesebroughTBD
August8/15/20Work WeekendCHSModified – Family Camping
August8/15/20Shootout #3ChesebroughTBD
August8/20/20Distinguished Citizen VirtualVirtual Program
August8/28/20Wood Badge (Spring reschedule)Boulder CreekPostponed – 2021
August8/29/20Work WeekendCHSModified – Family Camping
September9/1/20Character AwardsCalifornia TheaterCancelled
September9/5/20Labor Day Family CampCSROn Schedule – Modified
September9/5/20Labor Day Family CampCHSOn Schedule – Modified
September9/9/20STAR CampCSR8.1.2020 Decision
September9/10/20Popcorn DistributionWarehouse8.1.2020 Decision
September9/11/20Outdoor Leader Skills Chesebrough8.25.20 Decision
September9/11/20BALOO (tentative)Chesebrough8.25.20 Decision
September9/11/20CPR/First AidCSC8.15.2020 Decision
September9/12/20Scouts BSA Leader Specific – IndoorSalinas8.25.20 Decision
September9/12/20Shootout #4CSR8.15.2020 Decision
September9/12/20Wilderness First AidCSC8.15.2020 Decision
September9/12/20Wood Badge (Spring reschedule)Boulder CreekPostponed – 2021
September9/17/20Popcorn Resupply #1WarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
September9/19/20Cub Scout Leader SpecificHollister8.31.20 Decision
September9/19/20Den Chief TrainingHollister8.31.20 Decision
September9/19/20Scouts BSA Leader Specific – IndoorHollister8.31.20 Decision
September9/19/20Mountain Man RendezvousCSR8.15.2020 Decision
September9/20/20Jamboree Contingent MeetingTBD SaratogaPostponed
September9/24/20Golf TournamentCinnabar Hills Golf Club8.6.2020 Decision
September9/24/20Popcorn Resupply #2WarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
September9/26/20Scouts BSA Leader SpecificCSC9.10.2020 Decision
September9/26/20Commissioner ConferenceCSR9.1.2020 Decision
September9/26/20OA OrdealCSR8.20.2020 Decision
October10/1/20Popcorn Resupply #3WarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
October10/2/20Outdoor Leader Skills Toro Park9.15.20 Decision
October10/2/20BALOOToro Park9.15.20 Decision
October10/3/20Cub-o-ReeCSR9.1.2020 Decision
October10/4/20Cub-o-ReeCSR9.1.2020 Decision
October10/8/20Popcorn Resupply #4WarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
October10/9/20CPR/First AidCSC9.15.20 Decision
October10/10/20Wilderness First AidCSC9.15.20 Decision
October10/10/20Shootout #5CSR9.1.2020 Decision
October10/10/20Scout O RamaHistory ParkVirtual Program
October10/10/20Coyote Creek Cycling ClassicStart near History ParkVirtual Program
October10/15/20Popcorn Resupply #5WarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
October10/17/20Partner and Pal FallCSR9.15.2020 Decision
October10/18/20Jamboree Contingent MeetingTBD SaratogaPostponed
October10/19/20Popcorn ReturnWarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
October10/24/20BIG 5 TRAINING DAY TBDVirtual Program
October10/24/20University of ScoutingTBD (withBig 5)Virtual Program
October10/31/20Boo FestCSR9.15.2020 Decision
November11/5/20Popcorn DistributionWarehouseOn Schedule – Modified
November11/7/20Bear Paw Cold Weather Camping – IndoorMt. Olive (TBD)10.15.20 Decision
November11/7/20BALOO-ChineseChesebrough10.1.2020 Decision
November11/14/20Wood Badge Reunion?
November11/15/20Jamboree Contingent MeetingTBD Saratoga11.1.2020 Decision
November11/20/20CPR/First AidCSC10.15.20 Decision
November11/21/20Wilderness First AidCSC10.15.20 Decision
November11/21/20BALOO Chesebrough10.15.20 Decision
December12/5/20Trainer’s EDGECSC11.15.20 Decision

Please note, at this time, council and district committee meetings and roundtables are still scheduled, but accommodations will be made to allow participants to participate remotely. The council has remote conference tools available for council committee use. Please contact your staff advisor to arrange for your meeting.

Refund Policy

For all Scouting program and training events postponed or cancelled by the council, a full refund will be provided. For those who choose not to participate in an event, the standard refund policy applies. For more information on refunds, you can contact the event staff advisor or the council service center. A full copy of the council refund policy can be found on the council website at

Latest Council Guidance Concerning COVID-19

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, in addition to other communications, will be updating this website with the additional recommendations as new information becomes available.

For questions or more information on this notice, please contact William Albrecht, Jason Stein, Eric Tarbox or Michael Wilson at (408) 638-8300.

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