Chesebrough Scout Reservation

A Retreat Among The Redwoods

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Camp Chesebrough includes a state-of-the-art training center with a large meeting room for 135 people, commercial kitchen, restrooms, volleyball court, archery and bb gun ranges.

Whether you are joining us for one of our council hosted adventures, or just looking to get away for the weekend, Chesebrough has something for everyone, all being a short drive from civilization.

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Camp Leadership


Council Camping Director

Professional (Career) Scouter responsible for the development of the year-round camping program in the council. Supervises the long-term camping program and may serve as the resident camp director. Also oversees the property management of each council owned property alongside volunteers.

Campbell MacInnes

Chesebrough Property Chair

Volunteer member who oversees the property and volunteer corps to improve and maintain camp in a way that enhances the scouting experience for all. We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team, so contact Campbell if you are interested!

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Family Camping is Now Open!

Families are now able to reserve campsites for family group camping. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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Chesebrough FAQ

  • What kind of camping is allowed at this time?
    • Due to new restrictions for overnight camping, we will be suspending overnight camping at our properties during the order. Families and units who have paid to reserve a campsite during the Stay Home Orders may receive a refund. Please contact Janet Phan at to request a refund. 
  • Are pets allowed?
    • Unfortunately no. As much as we would love to see your furry friends at camp, they are too disruptive to the natural environment and should stay at home when you visit.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    • No. As this is a campground primarily geared for families involved in Scouting, we do not allow alcohol.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    • No. As this is a campground primarily geared for families involved in Scouting, we do not allow smoking.
  • Can I drive into the campsites?
    • Not at this time. We are working on improving our roads to allow two-wheel drive access year-round. If you need assistance moving your gear from your vehicle, we have several metal carts that you can use to wheel your gear to your site. The other option is to pack in a manner that you can easily walk your gear to your site.
  • Is there a map available?
    • Yes! You can view it HERE. Due to COVID-19, we will not have any available at camp, and you are encouraged to print out the one liked on this page for your reference.
  • What is there to do?
    • Due to COVID-19, we have closed our activity areas and are only operating as a campground until conditions improve. There are several hiking trails built around camp, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can even hike all the way to Castle Rock State Park!
  • Are fires allowed in camp?
    • It depends on the current conditions and allowances made by the Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD). You can check on conditions and see if you are allowed to have a fire HERE. MBARD also provides a map showing air quality and burn statuses HERE.
    • Please remember that if fires are allowed during your visit, to only have flames no higher than 2 feet and only in the concrete/metal rings we have provided.
      • Also, HERE are some tips on leaving no trace when setting up a campfire.
  • Can we use the shooting ranges or climbing wall on site?
    • Not at this time. Due to COVID-19 we have had to close all of our program areas and ask that you stay away from them. Under normal circumstances, these could be open and available for rent.
  • Are there wild animals around?
    • Yes! The Santa Cruz Mountains are full of life from lizards, to birds, and even some mountain lions. For this reason, we ask that you store your food in an animal-proof container away from where you sleep. You car is also another good option. We also ask that you throw away your trash each night before bed, otherwise you will have some unwanted visitors!
  • What should we do with our trash?
    • Please throw your trash into the green dumpster. The top slides open on either side, and please throw into the middle first to ensure we can fill it up evenly. Once you have thrown your trash in, PLEASE SLIDE THE LID FULLY CLOSED. If the lid is not fully closed, animals will get in and spread the trash all throughout camp. We will then have to charge you  
  • We reserved a campsite, what time should we arrive/leave?
    • Please arrive no earlier than 5pm, and please be packed out of your site by 11am. You are still welcome to enjoy the rest of camp once you are packed and out of your site!
  • Can we help with a service project?
    • Definitely! You are welcome and encouraged to help with a service project that you feel comfortable with. We also host regular work weekends, where we work on camp improvements. Please contact for more details.
  • Are masks required on site and when?
    • Yes, masks are required by everyone while they are outside of their own tent. Please follow the current social distancing protocols when interacting with others outside of your cohort.
  • Can we use restrooms other than the one assigned to us?
    • Unfortunately not during the pandemic. To ensure we have good contact tracing, and to limit as much contact as possible between cohorts, we have had to restrict each campsite to their own restroom. If you have a disability that requires the use of specific restrooms on site, please let us know and we will make sure you are accommodated appropriately.
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