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Scout-O-Rama is our annual showcase open to the public to celebrate all the fun of Scouting. This year it will be full of virtual challenges and presentations!

When & Where

Our 2020 program kicks off virtually on October 10th and wraps up Oct 24th with a virtual campfire. Live events will be on Facebook.
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Host an activity

All Scouting Units are invited to host an amazing activity or challenge!

Register to host a virtual "booth"

Units are asked to put on their thinking cap to adapt their traditional booth or create something new that will be fun and engaging for a family at home.
Unit Instructions

Sponsors & Community Partners

Connect with us on how your organization or company can support the fun

Customize your support

We work with each organization to make sure their activity or sponsorship is a good fit.
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Closing Ceremony is this Saturday 4 PM

Join us to celebrate the closing of Scout-O-Rama this Saturday at our closing Cracker Barrel over zoom! Bring your snack and see if your team makes the top ten!

What is Scout-O-Rama?

Scout-O-Rama is a fun event for the whole community to showcase Scouting, get outside, and learn something new. Completely free, this 3 weekend adventure will give your family, Pack, or Troop lots of cool things to do! This event is designed with an active family in mind. Find the activities you want to do on our goosechase app and get out there!


Escape the Great Indoors

Scout-O-Rama’s fun is at your fingertips

May 1 -May 15, 2021

3 weekends of fun for the full family


Unit Missions

  • Showcase your unit with a live event or a mission in the goosechase app!
  • You create the challenge and any supporting instructions such as a video and the Scout-O-Rama committee will add it for you. 
  • Have a large unit or multiple ideas? Individual patrols/dens can each come up with their own missions AND units can submit mutiple.

How it works

  • Tune into live events and take the adventure with our do at your own pace adventures in our goosechase game. 
  • Pick and choose what to do! Over 100 different activities to choose from. 
  • Mobile friendly! Download the goosechase app to have all activities on the go!
  • Earn points as a family, den, or patrol in the app to compete and win prizes

How to Access The Adventure

Download the GooseChase app at the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, click on “Play with a New Account.” Your user name needs to be specific for the purposes of our game, so please make it as follows: yourlastnameunit#, for example ScoutT123. If you have a more common name, please add your first name as well, for example GeorgeSmithT123. 

Next you’ll come to a welcome screen and hit the “Search for Games” button. In the search box, type in Scout-O-Rama, and you’ll find our game. You will need need to enter the password to access the game. 

Please note: you will need to be on cell connection or wifi to post your pictures and videos.

Once you are in the game, it’ll ask you to create a team or join a team. You can create a team of up to 8 people for your family, den, or patrol. For a family please include your last name in your team name. For a patrol or den please include the unit type and number. 


 Once you are in the app, you can look around and play with it to get familiar. You’ll see three “missions” that you can do now, just so you can get the hang of it.

Over 100 missions will be accessible during Scout-O-Rama but not all at the same time! Make sure to follow us on facebook to know when mission drops will happen!

Have tons of fun! Experience new things! Be silly! Enjoy this time with your family and friends!

What Happens Next

You’ll have until the last day of the challenge to complete as many missions as you can!

You’ll notice on the mission that there are different point values, ranging from easy to very difficult. A leader board will automatically populate, so you’ll be able to keep track of where you are against other groups. This is a fun way to have some friendly competition with other scouts in your pack or troop and around the council!

During the event, the judges will add bonus points to those submissions they feel have gone above and beyond!

When reading a mission, take note of how to submit the content needed. It will either say, Photo Only, Video Only, Photo/Video, text, or location. You’ll need to submit your evidence accordingly. 

How to Win

  • Do and submit as many challenges as your family can.  More challenges means more points.
  • Submissions will be accepted through May 15th 12 PM.
  • Overall Top 1, 2, and 3 will be the highest aggregate points based on submission and judging at the end of the event.


  • The top 10 teams will win a free special winner patch, but patches are available to everyone!
  • Individual patches are $5 including shipping.
  • Bulk patches are $2.50 each plus a $10 base fee. 
Orders due by May 23rd


Top 10 Teams will receive special patches for all members of their team!
  • Prizes available for First, Second, and Third Place Teams. 
  • Teams must be 8 or less youth to qualify for prizes. 
2021 Prizes Options

Prizes will be picked in order by the winners. 

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Ukelele Prize Package – New Ukelele plus tuner and instruction dvd (Retail value $150)
  • Ukeboard Romero Skateboard – (Retail value $150)
  • Fujifilm instax mini camera and film – (Retail value $75)


Schedule of Live Events

May 1st

Scout-O-Rama Kick-Off | 10 AM PDT

Join us as we kick off the festivities! We will be live and counting down to launching our interactive GooseChase adventure to get you unplugged and outside. Streaming on Facebook live starting at 10 AM. (A recording will be available after) RSVP on Facebook

Pet Showcase | 10:30 AM PDT

Scouts and Scouters, you are invited by Troop 582 to join us for a Virtual Scout-O-Rama Pet Show as part of our ongoing Scout-O-Rama! The Pet Show will be held via Zoom on Saturday, May 1st @ 10:30 AM. Each Participant and their Pet will be assigned a 30 second time slot during the Pet Show to share their pet LIVE via Zoom. Be sure to stick around for the entire show so that you don’t miss the Awards Ceremony!

Register | Facebook Event 

Scouts Trash the Trash Day | All Day

Scouts Trash the Trash Day is an international Messengers of Peace project for Scouts around the world, where each Scout is challenged to bring a friend or family member along and pick up at least one Kilo (2.2 pounds) of trash each on the first Saturday in May. Join us in helping making a global difference.


May 2nd

Crazy Competition T499 | 11 AM PDT

Join Troop 499 in an action-packed competitive live event with a tough geography quiz on countries and capitals of the world that tests the knowledge of your mind, an origami folding competition which tests the precision of your fingers, and a typing speed racer event, which tests you speed and accuracy of an essential skill! Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in one or all of these events? Well, you never know if you don’t try, so make sure you join Troop 499 and prove yourself the best!

Register | Facebook Event

Paper Airplane Competition | 1 PM PDT

Join Troop 476 on an arts-and-crafts adventure through the air! Learn to fold a fast paper plane and spread your wings in the comfort of your own home in this paper plane competition. Will you have the fastest? Time will tell!

Register | Facebook Event 

May 8th

Mini- Catapults | 10 AM PDT

Join Troop 463 in learning how to make a catapult using popsicle sticks and rubber bands together at this live demonstration!  

Register | Facebook Event

Puzzles! | 1 PM PDT

Anagrams, Rebuses, & More!

Are your quarantine-muddled brains craving a fun mental workout? Join Troop 485 for a 45-minute race against the clock to solve as many puzzles as you can. Work together with your families, patrols, or dens to tackle challenging logical brainteasers, decipher creative rebus puzzles, and test your problem-solving prowess with many interesting puzzles.

Register | Facebook Event

STEM at Home | 3 PM PDT

Make three different science experiments together online. 

Register | Facebook Event

May 9th

Knots & Ropes Kahoot | 10 AM PDT

Join Troop 817 for a kahoot game all about ropes and the different types of roping technique/lashing techniques. We recommend you have a second device like a phone to play the game.

Register | Facebook Event

May 15th

Closing Cracker Barrel | 4 PM PDT

Join us as close out our 2 weeks of fun!  Bring your own snacks as we hold a closing ceremony, watch highlights from your adventures, and celebrate our winners! Register to receive the zoom link. 


Knot Tying Competition | 10 AM PDT

Are you fast at tying knots? Like really fast? Come show us your skills at Troop 606’s knot tying competition to see how really is the fastest knot maker in the council!

Register | Facebook Event 

Get Involved!

Invite your friends and family to come to the event – It is free for everyone! Registration is open

Units are asked to put on their thinking cap to adapt their traditional booth or create something new that will be fun and engaging for a family at home.

The goal of these activities is to be fun, easy, and get everyone up and doing something instead of staying at home in front of the computer. Please bring your creativity!

See Instruction Page for more Details

Businesses and community organizations are invited to participate with sponsorship, entertainment, prize donation, or a booth. Contact Dianne Betz for more information: Dianne.Betz@scouting.org or call 408-638-8313.

We need help putting on this awesome event! Contact Dianne.Betz@scouting.org or call 408-638-8313 for opportunity for the day of or to join our Scout-O-Rama committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but you will no longer be eligible for any of the prizes. All the glory is still available. 

See our  Unit Instruction Page for more details and instructions for your activity. Remember we want all ideas by April 9th

No, it is an app that will need to be downloaded to access the fun!

Of course! This event is open to all families who want to participate and have some fun!

Our Scout-O-Rama team is here to help! Contact us at scoutorama@svmbc.org

Scout-O-Rama is fun for all ages a taste of Scouting for the day a food truck festival archery & water rockets obstacles courses & carnival games trying metalworking crossing a monkey bridge family time over 130 different activities live music and shows crafts & science demonstrations something for everyone

Thank you to our Sponsors

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